Fat-Loss Packages

Workouts offers Fat-Loss/Nutrition packages through our in-house Diet & Nutrition professional, James Watkinson,our “chubby to champ” from 'Route 1 Health and Fitness'. We believe strongly that exercise and diet work hand in hand and that a personal approach to your nutrition will get you the results you have been wanting.

Having formerly been overweight, James worked hard to achieve success and become a Mens’ Physique champion with the UKDFBA. He has endured the same struggles many of you have faced, can relate and empathise but importantly knows what it takes to achieve success to help you feel and look your best.

James from “ chubby to champ ” taking the UKDFBA Men’s Physique Northern Title

James from “chubby to champ” taking the UKDFBA Men’s Physique Northern Title

Consultation (FREE)

Do you not feel ready to commit to a new diet yet?
Do you just need some pointers and recommendations to get going?
Together we will identify what is currently holding you back and implement subtle changes to achieve the progress you want to make.

What do I have to do?
– Complete the contact form (5-10 minutes).
– Explain what your specific goals are and why they are important
– Explain what activities you are doing at the moment (if any) and overview of your current lifestyle and any barriers you face.

What do I get?
– Feedback based on the information you provided.
– Explanation of what the best structure would be for your goals and why.

Route 1 Online 12 weeks Programme (£25pw)

James with Route 1, worked out a long time ago that one of the biggest hurdles people faced when achieving the results they desired, wasn't through lack of motivation, it was from not knowing WHAT they should be doing and WHY they should be doing it.

With James, Route 1 online 12 weeks programme, all the guesswork is removed as he teaches you exactly what you're should be doing to achieve your results and also they why it will work.

The 12 weeks programme will provide you with workouts and structured nutrition tailored specifically to you!

This ensures that you can feel confident knowing that you are doing taking the right steps to achieve sustainable results that ensure you will feel and look your best!

What do I get?
– Specific workout routines updated monthly
– Route 1 Nutrition structure included (see below for contents)
– Membership to private Facebook group for support and guidance
– Weekly check-ins to ensure you are on track.
– 7 day support

You will receive full ongoing support via the private Facebook group for Route 1 members.
12 weeks = £300 upfront or £100 monthly

Route 1 Nutrition Structure(£30)

This isn’t a low calorie or meal replacement diet that achieves temporary results leaving you searching for the next diet to jump on. This structure is built around you, will shed body-fat and teach you how to keep your results. We build your nutrition plan together, taking into account your preferences, lifestyle and your goals. 

What do I get?
– Tailored Nutrition structure bespoke to you and your goals
– Macro Nutrient guide, to help understand what foods fall into what categories (proteins, fats, carbs)
– Macro serving suggestions
– Route 1 exclusive SECRET protein bar recipe
– FREE Recipe Ebook

You will receive full ongoing support via the private Facebook group for Route 1 members.



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